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21 August 2010 @ 10:31 pm
I might be in the minority here but I am technician who worked with rxConnect for about six months then transferred to a store still with rx2000 and went on to again using that system for another two years. I first used the "new" system in 2008 and just converted with my new store last week. I guess this was frustrating because the roll out took so long to get here and Since then rxconnect became basically a grainy snapshot in my mind. I have no idea why Cvs didn't do a more uniform roll out of this. Needless to say the first week post conversion in the pharmacy has been a nightmare. The system is still buggy and slow. It doesn't keep up with quick typing and "sigs" get messed up, scanning hardcopies and printing Rx number stickers is markedly slower, and flipping screens and multitasking leads to crashes. Data entry in general just seems slower with the exception of on hold stuff.

On top of that we got our hours cut again, are short staffed and approaching back to school In a college town. Despite only doing about 300-400 scripts a day during the week it's becoming impossible to manage this new system while having to enter data, count and get the drive thru and the phones.

What do some of you guys cthink of the new system, like folks that have had it awhile?
ex_partyhar on August 22nd, 2010 02:42 am (UTC)
We've had it for a few months. Putting scripts on hold and return to stock is a lot better, but I don't like the system for the reasons you listed. It crashes way too much, it's way too slow. Sometimes it won't even print out stickers for me or it will skip the hardcopy scanning. It gets pretty frustrating. And it always gets buggy when we're the busiest.

And I wish there was a place where we can put 'deceased' in a profile once we find out a customer passed away so their family doesn't get a billion phone calls telling them they have past due prescriptions.

We also had our hours cut again. Thankfully I only lost two of my hours. We've been given the option to work up front if we want to make those hours up but it's not worth it to me.
FilleBoheme: eyerollfilleboheme on August 22nd, 2010 10:11 am (UTC)
I don't work in Rx but I've heard constant bemoaning from the techs about it, how slow it is.

And, I don't know much about Rx and if it's because of the new system or what, but the techs are telling me it goes down way more frequently, for hours at a time.

We had a day last week where I was back there pulling tills and some woman was screaming at a tech for the system being down, "Every time I come here, there's a problem! After this script, I won't be coming to CVS anymore!" yell yell blah blah.

I don't know why they say that, a) it's not like we care, we don't want to serve your screaming ass anymore anyway, b) we can't fucking help it if the systems are down, and c) it's not like all retail pharmacies don't have the same universal problems. Even if she goes to Walgreen's, she'll likely encounter the same problems there once in awhile.