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01 August 2010 @ 07:01 pm
Closing the store...  
For non-24 hour stores obviously...do you guys lock your doors a few minutes early when you close? I have worked at my store for almost 4 years and we've always locked up a couple of minutes before we close, but no more than 5 at the most. We do this because if not, we get tons of people in casually shopping and then we can't get them out. Usually this isn't a problem, except for on the weekends during the summer when it's not quite dark when we close. (We close at 8 on Saturday, 6 on Sunday, and 10 the rest of the week.) We've never really had many complaints about it until the last month or so. Is this so bad? Even when we lock up, we still monitor the door and if someone needs a prescription or something important, we'll let them in. I know of plenty of other stores in my area that do this, and even before I worked retail I never thought much about it or became offended. Retail employees want to finish their shift and get home just like everybody else does, not have to stay an extra 30 minutes so someone can leisurely shop.

The most recent complainer said she came at "5 or 6 minutes til closing" (she did not, we locked up around 4 til and no cars were in the lot) and myself and the pharmacist both offered to let her come in if she needed a prescription even though at this point it was AFTER closing time, but she refused and said she wasn't coming for a prescription. I personally think she wanted beer or cigarettes. She actually asked me why we had our lights on if we were closed. Wth! I told her they were on a timer and didn't go off until a half hour or so after we left and she said, "Well, if you're closed the lights need to be OFF!" Yes, so we can handle the money and stumble out in pitch darkness. That makes perfect sense.

I just wondered if we're alone on this.
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Disgruntled English Majorhachiemachie on August 1st, 2010 11:29 pm (UTC)
My store used to lock the doors right on the dot of closing time because there were a lot of people in the neighborhood who claimed to be BFFs with Tom Ryan (when they probs just met him at a fancy party once or something...it stinks to be so close to corporate sometimes) and who liked to call corporate and complain about everything. We'd have a cashier stand by the doors about 5 minutes before closing like a greeter and let people know that we were closing very soon and as soon as the clock struck the hour, we'd lock the doors. Of course, that same person would stand there and let people out. We'd still get complaints though. If corporate would stop sending people gift cards when they complain, most of 'em would stop making shit up!
FilleBoheme: eyerollfilleboheme on August 2nd, 2010 11:17 am (UTC)
We had this problem too. Several customers would lie and say that we locked them out before we had closed when we had closed right on time. (And most nights, even, we were still hanging out 10 minutes after because some asshat already in the store was taking their sweet damn time.)

One lady even lied and said she met the Rx in the parking lot when he was "leaving early" to get him to fill a script and he refused.

We checked the timestamps and determined that she was lying, Bill left RIGHT on time.

But she still got a damn GC.