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13 July 2011 @ 11:10 pm
Random complaints....  
* When is it going to get to the point where there is too much shit to do in the pharmacy? I remember the days when you just filled scripts as they came in, rang people up and answered questions. Now there's this automated refill trickery, CSI, PCQ, FBI, CIA....WTF???

* Confidential Records...why must I rebox 50 pounds of random, orderless scripts from 2002 and somehow fit them into an already full stockroom. Moving 30 of those boxes and climbing a 10 foot ladder to find a spot in the rafters to fit them is just insane.

* What happened to just getting people in and out of the store. Why do cash register transaction have to take 10 minutes apiece now and consist of 21 questions to ask an already annoying customer?

* Can we figure out an easier way to get viable customer feedback besides the stupid phone survey? Most people can't be bothered for that. If they are, its only to complain. Why not incorporate something into that idiotic coupon machine in stores, so they can actually compliment us when its on their mind and they are still in the store. The fact that they base our scores on such a moronic system is dumbfounding.

* Stop making the stores look like an epileptic seizure waiting to happen. I know the purpose here is to sell things, but its like sensory overload, or visual rape if you will, with all the stuff plastered everywhere. What happened to sense and simplicity? Its like crap stacked on top of crap in all stores.

* No more silly niche products. No one just happens to be shopping at the drug store and compulsively buys an alcohol breath tester or an at home herpes test.

* Make the extreme couponers go to the back of the line after each of their transactions. No one wants to wait 23 minutes to buy a soda and some ibuprofen.

Feel free to add more....
Mitt's random thoughtssarah_mitt on July 23rd, 2011 01:54 pm (UTC)
Most of your complaints are RX related so I don't have much experience.

Confidential records, unless its a law that they have to remain on site for a certain number of years, CVS should just have a storage facility where they all go.

I hadn't noticed the register asking more questions(Maybe this is RX related.)

As far as customer feedback, that seems to be standard for retail companies these days. (Though a lot have switched to online surveys) I think of instead of a "chance to win a 1000 dollars" they should be offered a 2 dollar extra buck coupon or something. That would make the more average customer call in and not just one who had a complaint.

As far as sensory overload, I think thats again standard for retail. I once had a DM who wanted our store to look like a Big Lots and wanted things like bath tissue in stacks next to the red bins in front of the registers.
Niche products are going to stay because someone at corporation is thinking, "People will come in because we are the ONLY ones who sell this!"

Extreme couponers should not be checking out at RX, ever. But sending them to back of the line will not deter them. We use to have some who did this themselves, they have plenty of free time. I just want them to state from the beginning how many transactions they have, and for them to know its actually better to come at busy times. If I ring up one of these extreme couponers and they have 5 transactions and theres no one else around, usually after the first or second transaction one person will get in line to buy a bottle of water. Usually I'm the only cashier and the manager is busy so you hate to bug them for one customer and if they are in back most likely I'll be just done with the couponer before they come up front. So it would be nice if the couponer just let someone know ahead of time that they will be taking a long time to check out and to have back up ready. I have said often that I will take them over old men any day, its still true.

Now heres one I will add, maybe its only my region, but it use to be that the managers could set the time when the new ad started(Within reason, of course) Most would have it start by 1pm Saturday and so we could get ad done by 5pm usually. Let me explain my store, we are open 8am-9pm on Saturdays with the RX being open only 9am-7pm. The manager works all day, one cashier works 8am-1pm, and two others work 1pm-9pm or some variation of that, but thats the standard. Now on Sunday, we are only open 9am-6pm. The manager and a cashier work all day. (Sometimes, but not always, a second cashier comes in to work 11am-5pm) So ad must be done on Saturday, but the rules have changed and ad can only be activated at 4pm! This has thrown an incredible monkey wrench into Saturdays. Some mangers start putting up ad still around 1pm which leaves the cashier to have to modify sales and consult two ad papers for 3 hours. But still gas sales and extra bucks have to wait till after 4pm so as not to create even bigger headaches. Some wait till 3pm to start ad, which helps out the cashier but usually ad doesn't get done because again few people, and the manager has to still count registers, etc. (Not to mention regular jobs get thrown aside, like facing, shopbacks, etc) I don't understand why ad must be started so late. I can see it making sense in places that have 24 hour stores or stores that are at least open till 10 so the managers have more payroll to work with and/or have normal Sunday hours. But it places like mine, its just causing a headache for no reason.
I've had my moments.spell4yr on July 24th, 2011 04:19 pm (UTC)
At my store they buy the different home testing equipment quite frequently, actually.